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|  Want to work together?  |

Drop me a line with your thoughts and let's brainstorm !

I create handmade artworks in technical watercolor, graphite, colored pencil ... 

or we can work together to create a custom dissected book, broken glass print or even fun private/group class.

Thanks for submitting!


I am a fine artist in Glenwood Springs, CO, recently transplanted from KC, MO.

I am infatuated with drawing, anatomical illustration, and creating mixed media pieces.

I pursue explorations, creations,
dissections and adventures.

I have spent the last 7 years investing in
the lives of my art students and tennis players.

Now, I have refocused my attentions to taking in my surroundings and creating new artwork.​


I am open to commissions, teaching classes, groups or private, adventures, collaborations,
or just getting to know one another.

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